Theatre Director

Freelance (past clients include Sticky Back Theatre, ACS Random and Trifle Productions)

'brings a fresh perspective to the human dilemma' Catherine Meek, FringeGuru

'such capable hands, slick production' Shaun Kitchener, TrashLounge

I'm currently directing a short play for Theatre503 as part of their Rapid Write Response to current show Desolate Heaven on Feb 25. I will also be directing Monica Bauer's The Maternal Instinct at the Brighton Fringe 2013 at the Dukebox Theatre, May 29 – June 1.

My work as a theatre director has been extensive: I have directed numerous plays in Brighton and Edinburgh for various different theatre companies, including two I ran myself, and am now working in London. Career highlights include The Shakespeare Conspiracy by Andrew Shepherd (for ACS Random at The Chelsea Theatre), More Light by Snoo Wilson (for Trifle Productions at The Rose, Bankside), Hysteria by Terry Johnson and 'Amadeus' by Peter Shaffer (both for Lebenskuenstler at the Cube), a self-penned adaptation of Oedipus (for Delphic Theatre in Jubilee Square at the Brighton Festival Fringe 2009), A Fistful of Snow, co-written with Danny Alder (for Castles in the Sky Productions at Upstairs at Three and Ten at the Brighton Festival Fringe 2009 and at C soco at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009) and When All the Crowds Have Gone by Lucy Nordberg (for Pendragon Enterprises at the Brighthelm Church and Community Centre at the Brighton Festival Fringe 2010). Please see my directing portfolio for more info and photos, and see my blog for reviews of my past shows and various directing thoughts!

I am always interested to hear about new opportunities, please either phone or email (info in About section).